About Us

Established 2010

70+ individual brands

Offices in Cape Town and London

Nine digital products/platforms

Specialised delivery units

Software engineers
Digital consultants
Marketing and communications


To establish the world’s leading digital content ecosystem – it’s what gets our juices flowing. Every decision, every action our close-knit team of software engineers, analysts, digital consultants, creative designers, marketing practitioners and communications professionals take is driven by our desire to help organisations of all kinds transform digitally and establish communities where there were none before.


For us, community is everything. It drives our team, our relationships with our partners (not clients), and, most importantly, the way we look at digital transformation. Transforming digitally means building digital communities that are engaged, empowered, loyal to your organisation, and sustainable. But all of our partners have unique requirements that require unique solutions, which can only be found through true collaboration and commitment.


Although Publisher’s Toolbox was officially established in 2010, the relationships that bind our team together stretch back almost two decades. Over the past 10 years our team has designed a suite of products in collaboration with major media groups to facilitate their own digital transformations.

The Publisher’s Toolbox is a collection of innovative digital products and platforms that allow organisations of all sizes to effectively collect, store, manage and publish digital media, while providing incentivised community engagement via print, mobile, video and augmented reality.

Our content and community creation tools allow small and large teams to compete with some of the world’s most prestigious media groups and brand agencies. We are a true software engineering principled operation, founded upon a coding culture with its roots in Java enterprise, open source software, cloud architecture, coding patterns, agile methodologies and modularised microservices.


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