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Independent Media (INM) is one of South Africa’s publishing giants, with a history dating back 100 years. Our challenge was to migrate the Atex Prestige Print Editorial platform from local servers to Amazon Cloud: AWS – a task which had never been done before. The ‘Indy’ BiblioDAM allows INM to safeguard photos, videos, audio and PDF files for reuse by multiple editorial teams across various titles in print, online and via mobile app.

KM Media Group’s community TV station – KMTV – broadcasts video content to the people of Kent via web and mobile app. Amazon’s S3 and Elastic Transcoder stores and formats their video files, allowing our adaptive bitstream video player to stream their video content to web and mobile. Video assets are also served through CloudFront, leveraging AWS’ high-speed infrastructure, and reducing bandwidth costs.

Bristol Sport is a UK-based sporting organisation with three brands under its umbrella – Bristol City, Bristol Bears and Bristol Flyers. Over 20TB of digital content across Bristol Sport’s brands was migrated into their secure, centralised, cloud-based BiblioDAM, which is tightly integrated with their CMS platform, allowing these assets to be reused across the group to web and mobile.

I love the scope of the BiblioDAM and how it will revolutionise how we store, manage and use our content

Tiso Blackstar are one of South Africa’s largest media groups, with a number of newspapers, magazines, publishing houses and digital channels in their stable. We consolidated all their video assets into BiblioDAM – which meant for the first time, all video content is available and searchable in a central media archive. A BiblioDAM widget in Tiso’s CMS platform allows editorial staff to easily embed any video required across multiple group brands – and publish out to their web channels.


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