Streamlining news outlet KentOnline VOD workflow process

Afrozaar was responsible for streamlining the VOD workflow process and moving all Kent Media Group’s video processing, hosting and streaming to AWS.

Kent media group were dissatisfied with flexibility and cost they were offered by their existing video streaming provider. Most commercial video streaming providers lock you into their service by not giving the client direct access to their raw video files after the video has been uploaded into their system.

In the case of KMTV the video capture and upload process was also a very manual one which proved to be very time consuming. The channel broadcast live programs at fixed times during the day, and once these live broadcasts were complete, the editor had to pull the raw video file from the camera hardware and upload 4K video to the video streaming provider.

  • Afrozaar started a project in late 2017 to firstly migrate all the existing video files into S3.
  • Once all the files were migrated they needed to be transcoded into HLS to allow our adaptive bitstream video player to stream the video to web and mobile. This was achieved at the time using AWS Elastic transcoder by means of a simple iterative script. This effectively replaced the VOD solution that was in place. The results can be seen at
  • Afrozaar then provisioned a WOWZA streaming engine instance from AWS marketplace and configured the KMTV video hardware to stream to this server providing on-the-fly transcoding and streaming for live broadcasting.
  • By means of a number of lambda functions and making use of CloudWatch rules to trigger the start and end of a program recordings, KMTV programs are now automatically published to their website minutes after the live broadcast is complete without any manual intervention.
  • Rest endpoints were put in place using API Gateway and Lambda to build up the required javascript video envelope dynamically, this envelope is then cached by AWS global Content Delivery Network – CloudFront

Of late we have moved the transcoding process from ElasticTranscoder to make use of MediaConvert.

All video assets are also served through CloudFront leveraging AWS’s high speed global infrastructure. KMTV currently stream about 8TB of video content per month and are currently the UK’s fastest growing regional news website.

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