Senior Java Developer

Role Description 

  • Experienced Java Developer interested in playing a scalable backend solution product owner for Publisher’s Toolbox incubator of digital products.
  • AWS hosted Java backend services fulfills a critical role in the processing, syndication and transaction capabilities within the global sports media, publishing and broadcasting industries. 

Our Coding Environment

Our team culture and digital product sets are a decade in the making. Over the years we have had only two chief architects (both of whom know each other and have a common approach to design and execution). Our in-house methodology is unique in it’s agility, coordination and prioritisation; which requires regular calibration due to our sprints being structured around the following product development, technology streams, project implementation. Being a small outfit we feel our ability to care, support and motivate each other across sprint lines allows us to architecturally make sound decisions that lead to our output capability across varying white label product platforms and configure them appropriately.


– Help grow and establish a sustainable balance between R&D innovation, production system stabilisation and iterative feature release management
– Expand and develop new innovative modules, new features that align with the product’s digital media strategy, including: 
     – live and on-demand video streaming of multiple camera services
     – rich multimedia serving capabilities
     – high performance and scalability requirements
     – high frequency publishing and queuing mechanisms
     – new media advertising integration
     – subscription management 
– Become a key member of the digital team driving the online/digital strategy for newly onboarded publishers wanting to aggregate and distribute their content 
– Work closely with native mobile app development team whose SDKs work closely with the web services exposed by the core server

Qualifications and experience required

– Relevant qualifications (Degree, Diploma or relevant work experiences)
– Three+ years development experience working in Java environment
– Keen interest in working in a sports media, publishing and broadcasting environment 


– Recommend to be mentally strong, physically healthy
– Desire to learn new technologies, apply them and then share with the rest of the team
– Excellent analytical and problem solving skills
– Proven ability to plan and organise
– Ability to work as part of a team
– Excellent communication and listening skills
– Ability to adapt to changing situational requirements
– Handles pressure confidently and appropriately

No of positions


Date Required


Salary (Total Cost To Company/Total package)

Market related depending on experience ($40k to $65k per annum)

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