Send posts straight to the newsroom

Journalists can send secure MOJO packages containing videos, audio, photos, and GPS locations to multiple destinations for backup, review or further publishing.

TEAM Edition app users can publish to their private closed Team MojoReporter dashboard.

  • All MOJO packages from the community or team can be followed within the app.
  • All MOJO users have the option of backing their packages up in Google Drive or MOJO Dashboard.
  • All videos are transcoded into multiple formats for post production streaming / download.

Introducing MojoReporter

The TEAM EDITION implementation of MojoReporter best suits a media group or publishing house with a team of mobile journalists. We will setup and brand your own closed, secure and branded MojoReporter TEAM EDITION platform.

It’s a great way to keep all the media captured by your MOJO team in a secure app and web environment for further distribution or retrieval.

The TEAM EDITION establishes a private MOJO community feeling for safe and private reporting before being published to the world.

By implementing our TEAM EDITION the following challenges experienced by media groups can be overcome:

DISTRIBUTION Standardisation – eliminate the myriad of file transfer mechanisms such as FTP, Email, Whatsapp, Dropbox?

REPORTING on Activity – transparency around individual MOJO team member activity

REUSE – ability to search, find and reuse MOJO media submitted

SECURITY – all MOJO media on device, in transit and stored in cloud is protected and only accessible by authorised users

TRANSCODING – automatic transcoding of raw device captured video, to be downloaded or streamed via embeddable adaptive bitstream player

Do you have any existing app and would like to manage User Generated Content (UGC)?

Consumers can now make enquiries or submissions that can be managed via an in app UGC module! UGC is all content generated by unpaid contributors as opposed to by professional journalists or marketers. Used in marketing campaigns, UGC becomes fan generated content lending a campaign authenticity, promoting greater brand awareness and establishing a greater community wherein brands can interact with contributors expanding multi-channel integration. Our in-app module can be integrated into an existing app in order to enhance the existing platform without costly redesign or extended development in order to add enhanced functionality. The UGC module bundles the full scope and range of functionality that is available in MojoReporter into a Software Development Kit (SDK) to be integrated into your Android and iOS apps existing code. Users can send content as secure digital packages containing videos, audio, images, and GPS locations to multiple destinations for backup, review or further publishing in app and to an integrated web dashboard.

TEAM Edition app users can publish to their private closed Team MojoReporter dashboard.

Leading brands

No more messy notes
or clutter

MOJO Packages are securely stored
compilations of any “Digital Senses”

MOJO Media such as video, audio, pictures and GPS location can be included at any time

MOJO Library is a secure storage facility within the app that can’t be accessed unless authorised user

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