Create a private mobile media gathering ecosystem

Many brands and media teams have a growing need to collect, distribute and store digital content received from community members, internal personnel, content freelancers, brand ambassadors or influencers.

The digitally innovative brands (e.g. Red Bull) that have established their own private mobile media gathering ecosystems, are able to request, categorise and preview digital media, collaborate and operate more efficiently, while increase their media IP value.

The Publisher’s Toolbox platform MojoReporter, for example, is an ideal way to establish your own brand ambassador/influencer community, allowing all media collected via a mobile app to be securely transferred to a private cloud dashboard for easy media review prior to further social publishing or video streaming.

If you’re part of a content creation team of any kind, you know that team collaboration can sometimes be a bit of a nightmare – whether it’s receiving file transfers in a myriad ways, struggling to find assets on your old storage devices, allowing team members access to digital media in real time, or the security of these valuable digital media assets.

As an organisation, it makes sense that the process you use to capture, manage and share your digital media should be as simple and secure as possible, while giving you access to your multimedia instantly, so you can focus on the important stuff – your brand’s storytelling.

Here are five reasons organisations are turning to MojoReporter as a team collaboration platform.

There can only be one

Email, WhatsApp, Dropbox, FTP … there are a lot of ways to send and receive content. MojoReporter eliminates the need for these multiple file transfer mechanisms by allowing teams of content creators to submit digital content from their Android devices or iPhones via the app, directly to a private team dashboard. What could be easier? Digital multimedia packages of photos, videos, audio files and GPS locations can be uploaded quickly and securely by anyone who is part of your media gathering ecosystem, whether they’re journalists out in the field, brand ambassadors as part of an influencer network, content freelancers and more.

It’s a team game

Creating and managing your own private media collection team has never been easier. Content creators can request to join your branded MojoReporter team from within the app – either as a contributor with the ability to upload digital media, or as a fully fledged team member with full access to the MojoReporter team dashboard. Like digital bouncers, group administrators can approve or deny all team requests, allowing you to restrict access and ensure the safety and exclusivity of your valuable digital media.

Central perks

Your team has a client presentation in two hours’ time. You have the perfect photo in mind to complement your presentation but you’re still scratching around to find where you saved it. It’s time to do away with those external hard drives, flash drives or wherever else you store your digital media assets. The MojoReporter team dashboard means all mobile media can be centrally stored and displayed in a secure web environment with no limit to the amount of media your team can upload, allowing you and your team members to easily search for and download digital media in multiple sizes.

Size matters

Inevitably, at some point you or a member of your team will be suffering from that very modern problem: Weak Internet Signal. But for journalists out in the field, the show must go on. MojoReporter allows you to resize and compress your large photos and videos before uploading, without compressing your digital media into a zip archive – meaning unlike other popular file-sharing platforms, media can be previewed in your browser before downloading.

Back-up plan

Disasters happen, but when it comes to the security of your digital media, there’s no need to lose any sleep. All multimedia uploaded to the MojoReporter dashboard is securely backed up to the cloud, giving your Mojo team access to multimedia anytime, anywhere, on any device.

Would you like your own mobile media gathering ecosystem? To discover a platform that can take your content team’s collaboration to the next level, visit

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