Publisher’s Toolbox supports investigative journalism in partnership with Daily Maverick

It’s a challenging time for news media in South Africa, with tough economic conditions even before the devastating impact of Covid-19 seeing many advertisers slash budgets, resulting in local publishers feeling the pinch and having to look at ways of reducing expenditure.

Having been a part of the South African media landscape for over 10 years, Publisher’s Toolbox is committed to supporting Mzansi’s publishing industry in any way possible.

Our ongoing relationship with Daily Maverick, an integral member of South Africa’s journalism landscape since 2009 and publisher of high-quality investigative journalism, is proof of our commitment to supporting a free press in our country through our digital platform solutions.

Publisher’s Toolbox partnered with the Daily Maverick development team to migrate their website to our AWS-powered cloud infrastructure, making their site more scalable to cater for periods of high traffic, and most importantly, costing them less than traditional WordPress hosting providers.

Publisher’s Toolbox partnered with Daily Maverick to migrate their website to our AWS-powered cloud infrastructure

Going forward, Publisher’ Toolbox will continue to work with Daily Maverick and their development partner in an advisory capacity to help facilitate further digital optimisation.

Publisher’s Toolbox CTO Clinton Bosch is quick to point out that while the digital transformation of the publishing landscape has been ongoing for over a decade, many media organisations are still not following digital best practices to simplify workflow, protect digital assets and reduce costs via cloud technology.

“More and more technology decision makers will look to cloud-based solutions as a means of growing their businesses” – Clinton Bosch, Publisher’s Toolbox CTO

Bosch says: “As the digital publishing industry in South Africa matures, more and more technology decision makers will look to cloud-based solutions as a means of growing their businesses.

“What market-leading cloud computing services like AWS offer is cost-effective access to sophisticated digital services that are constantly being improved and updated, giving you access to world-class business-critical technology while reducing operating expenditure … it’s a no-brainer really.”

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