Video OTT: why brands are establishing their own streaming networks

When it comes to today’s consumer, video is king, and it’s easy to see why. In our 100-mile-an-hour world, consumers want “snackable’, easy-to-digest content that entertains, informs and gives viewers a sense of your brand’s personality and value.

Simply put, when given the choice between video content and textual messaging, consumers prefer visual storytelling as a means of getting to know your product or service.

While there is a lot of choice when it comes to 3rd party video hosting platforms like YouTube, with it’s two-billion users worldwide, many brands are realising the value in establishing their own branded OTT (over the top) streaming channel. Here’s why …

Community building
More and more, social media strategies are relying on compelling video content to attract followers, digital engagement, and ultimately sales. Unfortunately, there is a limit to the ROI brands can expect in building large social communities outside of their own digital properties, where the vagaries of changing algorithms mean future reach and engagement is far from guaranteed.

There is a limit to the ROI brands can expect in building large social communities outside of their own digital properties

By establishing a branded community in your own private streaming platform, you can ensure your video messaging reaches its intended audience, maximising your video content’s commercial potential by talking to the consumers most interested in your product or services.

Immersive brand experiences
Like other major social platforms in Facebook and Instagram, there is a limit to the level of personalisation and control brands have to customise user experience on YouTube, or any 3rd party platforms over which you have no control. Not to mention the risk of competitor brands running advertisements on your video content.

Streaming video content on your own branded player within your own digital properties, be they web or app, guarantees a consistent, immersive brand experience for the viewer, while allowing brands more opportunities to incentivise and encourage further engagement via AI-recommended playlisting.

Brands can provide live streaming or video on demand in their own OTT web platform


Today’s consumer wants choice – choice in how they engage with your brand, when they engage, and where.

By establishing a secure video OTT ecosystem that is configured to your requirements and protects your valuable digital media IP, brands can provide on-demand streaming across multiple touch points to reach the widest possible audience – whether via a web-based microsite or full web integration, or via an in-app video player or video OTT mobile app – while allowing you to tailor your video content per platform.

Provide on-demand streaming across multiple touch points to reach the widest possible audience

User Analytics
Every brand wants to build up a profile of their digital audience. By bringing users into your own OTT environment, you can track and analyse user behaviour, gathering valuable data about your customers.

Establishing your own database of users via single sign-in authentication presents an opportunity to provide more personalised video content, ultimately bolstering campaigns and sales through targeted messaging that really resonates.

The ultimate journey for brands is one of mindset and approach. The transition from brand to media powerhouse is one companies like Red Bull have successfully undertaken, maximising the commercial potential of their digital content by establishing platforms like Red Bull Content Pool.

A branded video OTT network can be configured for syndication, distribution and subscription services, helping you achieve the maximum ROI for your archived video content.

We’re ready to make your brand a leader in video experiences for your community.

If you’re interested in learning more about the Publisher’s Toolbox modular Video OTT solution, click here, or drop us a message at [email protected] and one of our account managers will be in touch.

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