Why brands are choosing white-label app solutions

It’s 2020 and mobile apps are as popular as ever – a look at current stats make that abundantly clear.

According to statista.com, mobile devices account for nearly 50% of all web traffic worldwide, and that figure is on the rise. Today’s constantly connected Gen Z consumer spends almost 70% of their media time on mobile as they become increasingly used to the ease and speed of online purchasing as well as consuming media online in a way that is more convenient and personal.

For brands of all kinds, native apps are the de facto choice for connecting with this vast digital community in a way that guarantees a superior user experience, increases brand recognition, while incentivising those loyal brand followers with unique content in a curated space. 

When it comes to weighing up the development of a branded app, the first choice businesses need to make is whether their requirements justify the development of a mobile app from scratch, or whether to turn to a white label app solution – a “readymade” app framework that’s been roadtested and ready to go.

There is a lot of upside to choosing a ‘white label’ solution …

For smaller enterprises, the cost of developing a native app from scratch can be prohibitive. This, coupled with the number of development cycles and length of time to market, can make it challenging to secure ROI in the short or medium term.

White labelling means brands are investing in an existing solution, dramatically reducing development costs, as well as the time it takes to design and deploy, safe in the knowledge they are relying on proven architecture.

White labelling means brands are investing in an existing solution, dramatically reducing development costs

White label apps are branded to reflect your organisational identity, allowing you to provide a consistent brand experience across web and mobile app.

This allows brands to build digital communities that are sustainable while engendering brand loyalty in a centralised community app platform – something previously out of reach for smaller businesses with smaller budgets.

White-label app providers are constantly maintaining and enhancing functionality, meaning you don’t have to worry about constant troubleshooting or having to hire a system administrator to maintain your app. Most white-label app providers will offer support services for a minimal fee.

If you decide a white label app is the right solution for your business, you need to be aware that no two providers are the same, so when the time comes to choosing the correct platform, ask yourself the following questions:

Can I customise?
No two businesses are the same. By choosing a white label app platform, selecting one that can cater for your short term and in future long term digital strategy is imperative. Customisation of white-label app platforms from a brand identity, types of media, theme for displaying content, layout of home page and creative media styling are critical unique value propositions areas. It’s the in-app modules of certain functionality or use cases is where true digital roadmap scalability can be achieved

Can my users engage via my app?
By allowing customers to be heard and to contribute, you can turn them into brand ambassadors that build trust in your brand while increasing valuable digital media IP for use in future campaigns.

Will my app excite my users?
Digital communities crave innovation. To connect users to your brand in a meaningful way, your app needs to provide exciting brand experiences like augmented reality that break from the norm and incentivise your users to engage with your brand.

Can I monetise my content?
For content rich websites, monetisation of content within the app is crucial, so make sure your white label platform supports pre- and post-roll video advertising, subscription services to premium content and support for ad servers like Google Ad Manager and Ad Butler.

Interested in your own white label app solution? MobileAppSuite is an enterprise white-label solution optimised for bloggers, brands, publishers and broadcasters who want a mobile app that supports content-rich websites.

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