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"WebSuite increased our overall web traffic by 192% in six months" - Gay Times

Supercharged Mobile Experience

WebSuite PWA plugin provides an app-like experience on the web for mobile users with optimised functionality for content-rich websites. This is achieved using the PWA bundle of web technologies. The Publisher’s Toolbox team have built a WordPress PWA framework and can be themed with various templates.

WordPress PWA (Progressive Web App) Technology

Progressive web apps enhance web technology and are easily integrated into existing WordPress websites. PWAs are supported by Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Safari and Edge.

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Characteristics of a PWA


Works for every user, regardless of browser choice.


Fits any device or screen size: desktop, mobile, tablet.

Connectivity independent

Supports browsing offline, or on low quality networks.


Allows for app-style interactions and navigation.


Background process ensures content is always up to date.


Served via HTTPS to prevent snooping or tampering.


Easily identifiable to search engines.


Drives engagement through push notifications.


Allows users to create shortcuts to favourite apps on home screen.


Easily shared via a URL and does not require complex installation.

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Optimised for Content Creators

In keeping with the goals set out, we have aimed to implement all characteristics of a PWA in one plugin. Whether you are a novice blogger or a well-known publisher, this WordPress PWA plugin enables you to drive enhanced user experiences, increased ad revenue and optimised speed.

WebSuite PWA Features

  • No site redirection - site urls are preserved, ensuring SEO industry standards.
  • Fast loading time - keeping within the one-second recommendation.
  • Responsive design - best usability over different screen sizes.
  • Infinite scrolling - keeps the user engaged with an uninterrupted reading experience.
  • Mobile app characteristics
  • Easy social sharing
  • Google Ad Manager integration - ad placement configuration.
  • SEO - optimised for search engines.
  • App launch icon - installable on mobile devices, increasing stickiness and reducing bounce rates.
  • Analytics - Google Tag Manager integration with offline capabilities.
Examples of WebSuite PWA in WordPress websites

WebSuite PWA Goals

  • Create a native app-like user experience for mobile users
  • Reduce loading times
  • Support SEO best practice
  • Easy and useful social sharing
  • Increase ad revenue
  • Improve user engagement

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