Our standard PWA provides a superior user experience for your mobile web readers


All Standard features, plus configurable ad units and push notifications


All Premium features, plus CDN for high traffic volumes and integration with all content management systems

Features Standard Premium Enterprise
App-like user experience
Multiple app themes
Multiple display configs
iOS and Android supported
Smartphones and tablets
Browser compatibility
Safari, Google Chrome and Android - Native Browser
Browser compatibility
App launcher icon
Google Analytics
Configurable ad units
Insert ad provider tags into the mobile version of your website
Push notifications
Send alerts to your users to drive engagement
CDN for high traffic
300 000 monthly page views
CMS Integration
All content management systems

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Progressive Web App Key Features

  • Apps load nearly instantly and are reliable, no matter what kind of network connection your user is on.
  • Web app install banners give users the ability to quickly and seamlessly add your mobile app to their home screen, making it easy to launch and return to your app.
  • Secured via HTTPS.
  • Web push notifications makes it easy to re-engage with users by showing relevant, timely, and contextual notifications, even when the browser is closed.
  • Smooth animations, scrolling, and intuitive navigation keep the experience silky smooth.

Responsive UI

The mobile web application is sensitive to various screen sizes and orientation changes: landscape, portrait. In other words, the look and feel of the mobile web app seamlessly morphs into the screen size of users’ devices.

App Themes

You can offer your users an exceptional reading experience by giving them a mobile web application with a native app-like look & feel. The default theme comes with 6 abstract covers that are randomly displayed on the loading screen to give the app a magazine flavour.

Customise Appearance

Once a favorite theme has been selected, you can customise the colors & fonts, add your logo and graphic elements that can relate to your blog’s identity.

Posts Sync

The articles/posts inside the mobile web application are organized into their corresponding categories, thus readers can simply swipe through articles and jump from category to category in a seamless way.

Pages Sync

Choose what pages you want to display on your mobile web application. You can edit, show/hide different pages and order them according to your needs.

Comments Sync

All the comments that are displayed in the blog are also synchronised into the mobile web application. On top of that, comments that are posted from within the app are also displayed on the blog.


Publisher’s Toolbox PWA easily integrates with Google Analytics.

Add to Homescreen

Readers can add the mobile web application to their homescreen and run it in full-screen mode.


This plugin uses the Publisher’s Toolbox PWA Script to fetch the required HTML to display your website’s PWA. The content is loaded via the WordPress Rest API, no user data is exposed or transmitted at this point. The service simply fetches the required markup for your content to populate. No account is required.

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